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Dirt Late Model Sim

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January to see DLM Host largest PURSE ever!

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Dirt Late Model Sim will be hosting an event at Las Vegas Motor Speedway in January 2015. With a HUGE purse for this years event, we are expecting record numbers.  It has been a huge success in the past, but with the increased payout deeper in the field, this event will be one for the ages! is on board and we expect, the best in the business, Keith and Brett, behind the camera and mic for the two day event!

This will be our third year of hosting races under the DLM License! It has been fantastic, so far and we plan for it to continue down that road in 2015.

Look for the release of Kankakee Motor Speedway in late December or early January. That was the track our DLM license holders voted for to be built from scratch last season. It’s in the final stages of it’s build.  Also, we have a surprise track that will be coming not long after that. It’s a track I’ve looked forward to working on and providing for everyone to use. I think it will offer a wide surface and quality racing.

Cars we are currently running are DLM2.4. Those downloads will be posted on our downloads page very soon!

Spring 2014- Updates

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We are currently racing in DLM2.3.  Our download page has everything you need to be racing DLM2.3.  Also, March will bring our next big event!

March 23-25 will see the Florida Nationals at Volusia Speedway Park! Three night show, format to be updated on our page soon. DLM License required. There will be a sign up page, as well.

Our DLM License holders chose to have Kankakee Speedway built this year! We also have another special surprise to release to the public sometime this summer.  

The DLM Showdown will start the week after Florida Nationals! March 31st at 7pm cst, every Monday.

We are always on the look out for the next big thing in Sim racing! So be on the look out for updates in the near future.

Some Mid-January Notes

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The World 100 Version of Eldora has been updated to our downloads page in place of the Dream version.

Our next event will be the Thaw Brawl held at LaSalle Speedway. This event will have a purse, sponsored by Braddy Motorsports Designs. Scheduled to be Mid-Late March. We will announce details as we get them.

We have added a 4th Major Event to our schedule in 2013 in place of one of the 2-12 race leagues we were slated to run. There are weekly leagues going on all of the time, since we specialize in running the bigger events, we felt it would be better for the drivers to just do another event in place of a league. We will still run the Summer Showdown, which will be an Annual thing for us.

Dirt Late Model Sim 2 Update!

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The updates are now in the downloads.  There is a stand alone update for each low res, and high res.

We are in the process of uploading the full package with the update included, should be done sometime this afternoon.

The server install has the update included, please re-download and re-run the server update on your dedicated boxes.

Summer Showdown Schedule Change

Written by dlmsim. Posted in Summer Showndown

The DLM Summer Showdown will be run Thursday this week only, instead of Monday. I’m heading to Peoria Speedway for the Summernationals event. I asked the top 11 in points to vote and majority said Thursday was fine. If u were not asked and in the top 11, I already had 6 confirmed yes’. The track will be released tomorrow afternoon! TriCity Speedway.